Greatest Ospolite: Ospoly Graduates Rocking NYSC


It is a beautiful thing to be a serving graduate but it is exceptional to be an outstanding Corps Member during the one year compulsory youth service.

Millions of lies that have been told about the product of the prestigious Osun State Polytechnic, Iree have been dusted by graduates of the institution who are currently serving corps members.

In the highly competitive floor of National Youth Service Corps where we have countless graduates from diverse institutions in the country and their foreign based counterparts, OSPOLY graduates have been displaying their excellence in academics and character even beyond their final year grades.

Due to their diligence, many of them are now Corps Liason Officer (CLO) in their respective local governments, zones and states. Babayomi Kayode David (Apostle Kay), a graduate of Mass Communication who was meritoriously appointed as Akwa Ibom Zonal CLO is a good example as well as Adetoyese Yusuf Adewale who was also made the CLO of Ibadan North West Local Government.

In the forthcoming NYSC forum, Obisesan Elizabeth who is equally a qualitative graduate of Mass Communication department has been selected to join others to represent Ondo State in the Abuja national forum.

There are many others who have been recommended by NYSC, their local governments of deployment and their Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) for employment and awards.

This piece is not to overrate the serving graduates of the institution, it is written to appreciate the outstanding ones and motivate others as well as installing confidence in all current students of the great OSPOLY.


By: Adewale Adetoyese

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