PLATEAU BLOODBATH: Turn Of Jos To Host Mass Burial?


By: Adewale Adetoyese

In a country where all citizens and situations are not equal, Nigeria will continue to be a hell for the helpless masses and heaven for the opportuned few. Though the task of securing lives and properties of all Nigerians tops the responsibility of our supposed democratic government, but the way things are in Nigeria, it is evident that the table has turned. Security of lives and properties of Nigerians is nothing to write home about in a country where politicians and other aclaimed important dignitaries have military officers, policemen and other security personnel as their drivers and errand boys. It is unfortunate that the only time when the government shows concern about the masses’ security is when it has to do with ballot boxes and electoral campains. When people were being slaughtered mercilessly in Benue, Taraba, Zamfara and Benue among other states by alleged Fulani headers, information has it that the number of security personnel sent to face the AK47 carrying terrorists are not up to what was deployed to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for the just concluded All Progressives Congress’ convention. If everything is unknown, Nigerians won’t forget that the Inspector General of Police IGP Ibrahim Idris fled Benue state in the heat of the crisis (maybe for security reasons) which was contrary to the order of President Muhammadu Buhari. Now, is it the turn of Plateau state to do mass burial? While some tribal sensitive individuals are tagging the Plateau killings to be an ethnic cleansing, Christians are calling it a plot to wipe off the religion based on the people killed and injured in the attacks, the government is still finding it difficult to call it a name. As of now, residents claimed that over two hundred have been killed while the police in their usual way denied, stating that the official number of casualties will be given soon. Why can’t Nigeria have relative number of security operatives deployed for election related matters to arrest emergencies? In a country where over five thousand policemen aside from the military and other security operatives were released to secure a political party’s convention of about seven thousand people, should the poor children of Plateau continue to die like flies? Is this the genocide, ethnic cleansing or civil war people have been calling it? Like Benue, is it the turn of Plateau to conduct mass burial?

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